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What a load of ballots!

The TUC on Friday issued a press release in support of the demand for secure electronic voting in strike ballots. Swansea Socialist Party discussed how to take forward the campaign to halt the continuing decline of our pay, following the J10 strike,last week. This idea of electronic voting as a means of boosting turnout in strike ballots came up in the discussion.

21st July 2014

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Swansea Protests Attacks on Gaza

Around 100 protesters, mainly from the Swansea Palestinian community, held a protest and spontaneous march last Saturday in Swansea city centre. With banners, flags and placards demanding an end to the Israeli slaughter in Gaza the protesters got a warm reception from shoppers as they marched around the city centre.

14th July 2014

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Swansea Unions Strike Together #J10

The roads were really quiet in Swansea this morning which was the best indication of the impact of the public sector strike.

10th July 2014

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What Next after the July 10 Strike? #J10

The coordinated action over local government pay on 10 July will bring up to 1.5 million workers out on strike from across public sector unions.

8th July 2014

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