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TUSC Election Bulletin - anti-austerity party gets TV election broadcast!

Great news - TUSC has reached the threshold set by the BBC on behalf of broadcasters to qualify for a TV election broadcast next month. Read more on what that means for our campaign!

26th March 2015

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The choice for voters in Aberavon!

TUSC candidate Owen Herbert has the sort of credentials, as a local trade unionist (Owen is branch secretary of the Swansea RMT branch), that you would once have expected of a Labour candidate in a working class constituency like Aberavon.

3rd March 2015

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Hollywood excess shows: austerity is a lie to make poor pay

Remember when we were all in it together in the face of the international economic crisis and we had to collectively tighten our belts? Somebody obviously forgot to tell Hollywood.

21st February 2015

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Labour council cuts make electuon pledges meaningless

Re-published from Swansea TUSC blog, cuts being made by Labour councils make pledges such as the promise to cap infant class sizes, meaningless.

15th February 2015

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