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The EU is a bosses' club: Wales TUC shouldn't support it

The EU is a bosses' club which is steering a race to the bottom on workers' incomes, terms and conditions. It is undermining workers' rights. It is part of the 'troika' that has demanded harsher and harsher austerity in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, the list goes on, inflicting misery on millions of people in the process. This is exactly why the Socialist Party participates in No2EU, which demands an exit from the EU in order to fight austerity.

16th April 2014

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Carwyn Jones can't wash his hands of Bridgend Council pay cuts

The First Minister of Wales has washed his hands of any responsibility for attacks on workers carried out by a Welsh Labour council in his own constituency.

14th April 2014

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Trade unionists betrayed by Welsh Labour

Another Welsh Labour council is betraying local authority trade unionists. Bridgend Council has withdrawn itself from national pay-bargaining.

12th April 2014

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Nazi Scum Off Our Streets!

National Front thwarted despite confusion sewn by UAF leadership.

5th April 2014

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