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News: Swansea: Destruction of council services
News: Strike Swansea! RMT, PCS strike together
News: Swansea railworkers in First Great Western strike
News: Wales Museum Strikes Continue
News: National Museums Wales strike against Pay Cuts
News: Socialism, Art and Revolution
News: Swansea RMT join First Great Western strike
News: EOTAS Teachers Strike against Swansea Council cuts
News: Swansea Teachers Strike Against Cuts
News: Letter: Non-Binary Election Campaign
News: Celebrate at the Swansea May Day Rally!
News: General Election 2015: historic number of TUSC candidates!
News: TUSC Election Bulletin - anti-austerity party gets TV election broadcast!
News: The choice for voters in Aberavon!
News: Hollywood excess shows: austerity is a lie to make poor pay
News: Labour council cuts make electuon pledges meaningless
News: Swansea councillors to vote on 80m+ cuts
News: Have your say on cuts in Swansea this Saturday
News: Racist thugs off campus!
News: Four ways to fight the cuts in Swansea this February
News: PROTEST against cuts to jobs and services!
News: No more sham consultations - Swansea needs a real choice!
News: The Straightwashing of Pride
News: Further Education unions in Wales vote for strike action on pay
News: School Playing Fields are not 'Surplus Land' - Stop the Cuts!
News: Stand Up to UKIP with #TUSC
News: 50 billion pounds of cuts still to come: Osborne's solution deficit
News: Public Meeting: 50 years of the Socialist Party - Socialism in Action
News: Unison ballot for Welsh colleges strike action
News: Putting down a marker for #TUSC in Swansea
News: Syniadau a dulliau Karl Marx
News: Uplands Byelection: Vote TUSC Against Cuts!
News: Jobs Lost in Milford Haven - Socialists say Renationalise the Energy Sector!
News: Marxist Theory Series
News: Weekly Campaign Timetable for Uplands By-election
News: Wales Further Education Ballot: Vote for Action!
News: Swansea Radiographers Strike #NHS
News: No Puzzle for Workers - 10 pound an hour, now!
News: Send a message to Swansea Council - vote for the no-cuts, Socialist candidate in the Uplands by-election! #TUSC
News: Britain needs a Pay Rise!
News: Will Welsh Labour oversee the end to public services as we know them?
News: A Swansea Labour Coup
News: An Evening with Ed Miliband? No thanks!
News: New Leader but will it be same cuts from Swansea's Labour Council?
News: A trip to the seaside is too expensive for many families
News: Private profit is ruining public transport
News: Newport and Cardiff under NATO occupation!
News: Fight Scrapping of the Financial Contingency Fund!
News: Welsh councils' huge reserves - while 23% of families are in desperate straits
News: What a load of ballots!
News: Swansea Protests Attacks on Gaza
News: Swansea Unions Strike Together #J10
News: What Next after the July 10 Strike? #J10
News: Big Pharma: Bad for your Health
News: July 10th: Strike for Fair Pay!
News: Get private profit out of the justice system
News: Rhydyfelin victory! Library to re-open on Monday
News: NHS: Private Profit Kills
News: Fight cuts to Disabled Students Allowance
News: Wales TUC: "If it wasn't for the Socialists..."
News: Swansea Meeting: Fight cuts, back strikes, build TUSC!
News: Swansea Amazon: Wales TUC in call for Unionisation to Improve Conditions
News: Swansea Grwp Gwalia Care Workers Strike
News: Swansea PCS Land Registry Strike
News: Swansea Debates: Trade Unionists and the EU
News: Swansea Celebrates May Day 2014
News: Support Firefighters on Strike this Weekend
News: Swansea Trades Council opposes racist division
News: Swansea May Day Rally
News: 'Stand up to UKIP' in Swansea
News: Yn erbyn UKIP! Yn erbyn yr EU!
News: Oppose UKIP! Oppose the Bosses' EU!
News: Attacks show Welsh Labour is no friend to Unison members
News: Living income needed for all
News: The EU is a bosses' club: Wales TUC shouldn't support it
News: Carwyn Jones can't wash his hands of Bridgend Council pay cuts
News: Trade unionists betrayed by Welsh Labour
News: Nazi Scum Off Our Streets!
News: UNISON members can't wait: end austerity now!
News: Fight Osborne's Cuts Budget
News: Welsh Labour Council Removes Trade Union Secondments
News: Labour has Turned its Back on Trade Unions
News: Letter: Shameful Swansea Cuts Budget
News: Floods show planning and investment needed
News: Welfare Reform - an avalanche of misery
News: Whats the point in New Labour?
News: Tonight, Swansea Council voted through 26 million pounds of cuts
News: Fast food workers: Hungry for decent pay and working conditions
News: Socialist Party Wales conference report
News: Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign says: fight Con-Dem cuts, dont vote for them!
News: Lobby Swansea Council: No to the devastating cuts budget!
News: Report: Protest against Swansea Council Cuts
News: Amddiffyn Swyddi a Gwasanaethau Cyngor / Defend Council Jobs and Services
News: Any Questions? Neath: Waste of a Friday Evening
News: Protest against Atos 'assessments' on 19 February
News: Evict the Con-Dems! Scrap the Bedroom Tax NOW
News: UK-Wide Protests Against ATOS
News: Swansea Council's Bloodbath Budget. Councillors - what side are you on?
News: Students condemn police repression - NUS, call a demo now!
News: "Scandalous" MPs' 11% pay rise condemned by Socialist Party
News: After Nelson Mandela - continue the struggle for freedom and equality
News: Is Workfare Coming to Morrisons?
News: Swansea University Strike Supported by Students
News: This Christmas, haunt the ConDems with the ghost of coordinated action!
News: End the Pay Freeze: a United Fight in Post-16 Education
News: Review of Panorama 'Amazon' Expose
News: Disgusted by what you are seeing on TV about Amazon?
News: Swansea vs Hull - Cuts, Culture and Dylan Thomas
News: Byelection Candidates to Oppose Cuts #TUSC
News: US election campaigns: Socialists make History!
News: Benefit Sanction Figures Expose Tory Lies
News: NHS Crumbling in Con-Dem Britain
News: Student Activists Condemn Police Spying on Protest Groups
News: How serious are Swansea Labour about scrapping Bedroom Tax?
News: Mametlwe Sebei speaks in South Wales
News: Land of Whose Fathers? A short history of the Welsh working class
News: Eyewitness Account: Explosive Wave of Protest in Brazil
News: No to racism in Swansea! Communities unite against cuts!
News: Socialist Party Wales members in Unison welcome Cardiff TUSC candidates
News: Modernisation? These are Welsh NHS cuts!
News: Swansea Higher Education Strike
News: Public Meeting: South Africa - One Year after Marikana
News: Students - Support the University Strike!
News: Labour councils - refuse to make Con-Dem cuts!
News: UNISON - fight all council cuts now!
News: Cuts mean Hospital Surgeries cancelled in Llanelli and across West Wales
News: Fight Racism With Unity Against Cuts
News: Axe this Lot - No to Massive Cuts in Swansea!
News: Newport Labour Councillors Show More Respect for Thatcher than Chartists
News: Pro-Choice Protest in Cardiff
News: Swansea Labour takes to streets... to make Con-Dem cuts
News: Greedy Energy companies threaten Blackout - Nationalise them now!
News: Fight royal mail privatisation. For common ownership with workers' control.
News: Defend NHS Wales from Tory-Labour cuts
News: Don't let Swansea's Labour council throw you overboard!
News: For Workers' Rights at Amazon
News: FBU members say "all out together"
News: Welsh NHS at point of meltdown?
News: Socialist Students Society meeting
News: Nearly a quarter of households in Wales live in poverty
News: Building Socialism in the US
News: Socialist Party Wales all-members meeting
News: Reinvigorate the student movement: Protest, occupy, strike for our education!
News: TUC: Instead of praising Miliband, organise a fight back!
News: Miliband expected to promise repeal of Bedroom Tax - councils must stop implementing it today!
News: Roadchef - a cautionary tale of shares for rights
News: Union members angered and upset by Labour Swansea Council's cuts in the name of equality
News: Support the DPAC week of action
News: Don't let them kill our NHS! Fight Welsh NHS cuts!
News: Protest Against Atos in Swansea
News: Stop Coastguard Cuts!
News: Support the FBU - End Scab Recruitment!
News: Swansea Labour Council betrays UNISON members
News: Zero Hour Contracts: Take them or Leave them
News: Welsh Labour's cuts of a seismic scale
News: Fight Cuts, don't vote them through with 'glum faces'!
News: Labour Swansea Council's attacks anger UNISON. We need a political alternative.
News: Ed Miliband walking in Thatcher's footsteps
News: Zero Hours Contract Scandal
News: NHS: cuts ration care
News: Welsh Government must refuse to carry out Tory cuts!
News: Welsh Families 15 days away from Breadline
News: Cardiff and Vale Health Board Blues
News: UNISON needs to Fight for Decent Wages
News: Royal bodies are capitalist commodities
News: Lecturers in Wales Expose Poor Working Conditions
News: MPs on the Gravy Train - but Socialist MPs took only a Workers Wage
News: Class Bias, but not as we know it!
News: Dear Len... what the f### is going on?
News: Don't let them eat cake!
News: Lord Freud, food poverty is not a lifestyle choice!
News: What the other half get paid
News: Education Minister's resignation
News: Welsh Labour Council to Introduce Zero Hour Contracts
News: Student Loans Threat - No to Interest Rate Hike!
News: We Can Beat the Bedroom Tax! Know Your Rights!
News: Wales Campaigners Fight for NHS
News: Wales Shop Stewards Network Conference
News: We Need a Properly Resourced Ambulance Service in Wales
News: Swansea Trades Council says "Defend Fire and Rescue Services!"
News: After Woolwich Killing: Time for Unions to Lead Anti-Racist Fight
News: Build for Mass Anti-Cuts Action! For a 24 Hour General Strike!
News: Take Action this Tuesday to Defend the NHS in Wales!
News: NHS Crisis: Turn Anger into Action!
News: The Swansea School Land Sell-Off for Cash
News: Defend the NHS In Wales!
News: Campaign to Stop Bedroom Tax Evictions!
News: Wales TUC Conference - A Missed Opportunity
News: Swansea DVLA Picket Line Solidarity
News: Revolutionary Rhymes in South Wales
News: Highs and Lows of Wales TUC Conference
News: Wales Shop Stewards Network Conference 2013
News: Fighting Cuts in Wales
News: Con-Dems' Benefit Fact Fraud
News: TUSC Fringe Meeting at Wales TUC
News: No Cuts to our Fire Service!
News: May Day Rally in Swansea
News: Public Meeting: The Socialist Newspaper
News: Welsh Shop Stewards Network Conference
News: Enthusiastic Launch of TUSC Wales Committee
News: Welsh Ambulance Service under Strain: Reverse NHS Cuts!
News: Two Halves of Welsh Football
Analysis: Review: 'South Africa: The Massacre that Changed a Nation'
News: UNISON: Fight all Cuts, Not just Tory ones!
News: Swansea Train Managers Strike
News: Celebrate May Day with Swansea Trades Council
News: Stop the Bedroom Tax - Hands Off our Homes!
News: Slave Labour in Football
News: Measles Outbreak puts Children at Risk across South Wales
News: Swansea Council Bedroom Tax Lobby
News: Organising Meeting for an Electoral Alternative to Austerity in Wales
News: Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign Says No to Bedroom Tax
News: Welsh Labour MP Attacks Health Workers
News: Fight to Scrap Bedroom Tax is Underway in Swansea
News: Swansea Bedroom Tax Protest
News: Fight Welsh Labour NHS Cuts
News: PCS Strike: Swanesa and South West Wales
News: Welsh Labour Reshuffle: New Faces, Same NHS Cuts
News: Worried About NHS Cuts? Welsh Gov. has an app for that!
News: Confronting the National Front in Swansea
News: Celebrate International Women's Day 2013
News: Dont Let the Racist National Front Divide Us!
News: Stop Fascists from Marching in Swansea!
News: When West Wales Rose in Revolt Against the Employers
News: Socialist Party Women's Meeting
News: Stop Benefit Cuts Now!
News: Protest in Cardiff Against Attacks on Benefit Claimaints
News: Welsh NHS Under Attack
News: Swansea DVLA and Coastguard Staff Strike
News: Save Steel Jobs Now!
News: Join the NUS Demo on 21 November!
News: Swansea Trades Council says 'Fight NHS Cuts!'
News: Welsh Labour's 'Clear Red Water'?
News: Neath Port Talbot Council Cuts
News: Birmingham Labour Council to Sack 1000 Employees... UNISON to Support Them
News: Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign: I'm marching because...
News: South Wales Bus Workers receive Strong Support for Strike
News: Cardiff Mardi Gras Protests Against Homophobia
News: Cuts are Disabling: Swansea Protests Against Atos
News: Disabled People to Protest Against ATOS in Swansea
News: Lobby the TUC for a General Strike
News: Swansea Remploy Strike
News: Austerity Games to be Held in Cardiff
News: Welsh Government Must Save Remploy Factories
News: Welsh Labour NHS Doublespeak
News: Fight Welsh NHS Cuts
News: Remploy Workers Vote for Strike Action
News: YFJ Wales to Protest Housing Benefit Cuts
News: Wales Shop Stewards Network Conference Prepares for Action
News: Swansea HMRC Strike
News: Wales Shop Stewards Network Conference June 30
News: Wales TUC - Unity Must be Based on Action
News: Wales TUC - A Tale of Two Conferences
News: Hundreds Lobby Senedd to Defend Hospital
News: March to Save Remploy
News: Wales TUC - Oppose All Cuts
News: National Shop Stewards Network Bulletin No. 90
News: Over 100 Attend Swansea Strike Rally
News: Swansea Strikes to Defend Pensions
News: Support the May 10th Strike: Rallies in Wales
News: Swansea TUSC: Let's Build on this Start!
News: Llanelli Trades Council May Day March & Rally
News: Vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) on May 3rd
News: Support Strike Action and Rally on May 10
News: Swansea May Day Rally Led by Remploy Workers
News: Cardiff Trades Council May Day March & Rally
News: Stop the Cuts to the NHS in Cardiff
News: Swansea Trades Council May Day March & Rally
News: Gowerton TUSC Election Rally
News: Why I'm Standing: Les Woodward, TUSC Candidate for Gowerton
News: Labour Breaks Student Support Promise
News: Swansea May Day Rally
News: Solidarity with Remploy Workers Protesting in London
News: Swansea TUSC Election Rally
News: Why I'm Standing: Rob P. Williams, TUSC Candidate for Sketty Ward
News: Welsh Government Slashes Student Grants
News: Cardiff TUSC Launch Meeting
News: Remploy: National Action to Stop Closures
Analysis: Jobs Growth Wales - Is this the Answer to Youth Unemployment?
News: Why I'm Standing: Ronnie Job, TUSC Candidate for Sketty Ward
News: Anti-Cuts Candidates Contest Swansea Council Elections
News: TUSC Challenge Swansea Council Elections
News: Swansea Council Candidate Hospitalised by Vicious Dog
News: Youth in Revolt, Public Meeting in Cardiff
News: Swansea Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Launch Website
News: Trade Unionists and Anti-Cuts Campaigners Pledge Remploy Support
News: Swansea Protests on Budget Day
Analysis: Leanne Wood Elected Leader of Plaid Cymru
News: Save Remploy, Defend Pensions and Fight Cuts on Budget Day
News: Budget Day: Protest Against Austerity in Swansea
News: Swansea Trades Council Calls Public Meeting
News: UCU Cymru Congress "Eager to Fight"
News: Swansea Trades Council Supports Remploy Fight
News: Cardiff: Clegg Receives Anti-Workfare Message
News: Remploy: Government Sacks 1500 Disabled Workers
News: Socialist Women Against Cuts
News: Defend Pensions: Strike on March 28th
News: Swansea Protests Against Workfare
News: Against All Cuts: Vote TUSC in Swansea Council Elections
News: Student Loans Sneak Increase
News: Cardiff Protests Against Workfare
News: Fight Homophobic Tory Attacks
News: BBC Newsnight: Youth Fight for Jobs condemn workfare
News: Council Elections: Stand a "No Cuts" Platform
News: Support the Sparks in Cardiff
News: Llanelli Marches to Save Hospital
News: Llanelli Prince Philip Hospital: Closure Must be Defeated!
News: PCS Members in HMRC Strike Against Privitasation
News: Stop Closures at Llanelli's Prince Philip Hospital
News: Reject the Welfare Reform Bill
News: NUS Calls National Student Walk-Out
News: Labour Leadership Approves ConDem Cuts
Analysis: The National Question in Wales
News: Llanelli Public Meeting: Save Our Hospitals!
News: UNISON Members Concerned Over Pension Proposals
News: Swansea N30: Striking in our Tens of Thousands
Special: What We Stand For
News: Students: Support the Strike!
News: Swansea Trades Council to host N30 Public Rally
News: Hardest Hit Cardiff: Tories welcome, but not Remploy Workers!
News: Save Our Jobs, Save Remploy Factories
Special: Links
News: Youth Fight for Jobs: Wales Day of Action
Special: RSS and Sitemaps
Special: Contact the Swansea Socialist Party
News: Youth Fight For Jobs march for jobs ends in Cardiff
News: Visteon Workers Fight Management Attacks
News: Swansea NHS Cuts
News: Unison Members React to Swansea NHS Cuts
News: Report: Swansea CWU Picket Line
News: Welsh Shop Stewards Network Conference
News: Report: Defend Our NHS Public Meeting
News: Report: Che Guevara Public Meeting
News: Report: DWP Strike in Swansea
News: London Climate Change Demo
News: Region 4 GEC seat for Unite: Vote Rob Williams
News: Swansea BNP Protest
News: Swansea Coastguards Strike
News: Report: DWP Pension Centre picket line, Swansea
News: Swansea Waterfront Museum Strike
News: Swansea Coastgaurds Strike Again
News: Report: UCU Wales Strike
News: Public Sector Strike Reports
News: Visteon Swansea - A Victory, but Workers' Fight Continues
News: Youth Against Racism in Swansea
News: Swansea Casualty Threat
News: Swansea Train Cleaners Strike
News: Singleton Casualty: Concessions Won but Public Debate Denied
News: Swansea Train Cleaners Strike Again
News: Report: Swansea University Freshers Fayre
News: Report: Capitalism in Crisis Public Meeting
News: Linamar Public Meeting
News: Swansea Rally in Opposition to Massacre in Gaza
News: Defend Yahya Al-Faifi
News: Support Yahya Al-Faifi, Saudi Arabian Trade Union Dissident
News: Leading Trade Union Fighter Victimised - Support Rob Williams!
News: Rob Williams' Sacking Confirmed
News: Swansea Rally in Support of Rob Williams
News: Supporting Linamar Workers: Swansea Protest Rally
News: Reinstate Rob Williams: Defend Trade Union Rights
News: Victory at Linamar: Rob Williams reinstated
News: Welsh Defence League Counter Protest
News: Report: Swansea Royal Mail Strike
News: Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Launches in Wales
News: Milford Haven: Anti-Working Class Law Used Against Workers
News: Neath / Port Talbot Demo
News: March 8th PCS Strike (Swansea)
News: March 24th PCS Strike (Swansea)
News: Report: Swansea May Day TUC Anti-Cut Demo
News: Swansea Anti-EDL Protest
News: Linamar to Close Swansea Factory
News: Swansea Linamar Workers Accept Closure Terms
News: Swansea Trades Council Launch Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign
News: Over 220 workers facing the dole with closure of TRW in Resolven
News: Victory at Cardiff University: Occupation Wins Concessions
News: Gorseinon College Students Protest
News: RMT Cleaners Strike: Swansea and Cardiff
News: Swansea Council Workers Meet to Oppose Cuts
News: Demonstrate Against Cuts at Tory and Lib-Dem Conferences in Cardiff
News: TATA Steelworks Contract Cleaners Strike
News: Rhondda Cynon Taff Marches Against Cuts
News: Support Remploy Workers
News: Lobby of Swansea Council Budget Meeting
News: Unison "In Focus" : The Welsh Assembly referendum
News: UCU Strike Action at Gower College Swansea
News: Gwrthdystiad Cenedlaethol y TUC (26 Mawrth)
News: Swansea at the March 26th National TUC Demo in London
News: Report: Visteon Pensions Protest
News: Report from Swansea Prison
News: South West Wales BNP Candidate Arrested
News: WSSN sets up Wales Anti-Cuts Committee
News: Pembroke Dock Jobcentre Plus Call Centre Picket Line
News: Swansea Branch Hold a Public Ballot
News: Swansea Trades Council: May Day Anti-Cuts March and Rally
News: May Day in South West Wales
News: 30th June: South West Wales Strike Reports
News: Save Swansea Coastguard from Closure
News: Swansea Day of Action: No to Remploy Factory Closures
News: Swansea Trades Council: Supporting Disabled Remploy Trade Unionists
News: Tories attack Jarrow "March for Jobs" as youth unemployment set to fly over 1 million
News: Youth Fight for Jobs: Swansea Day of Action
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