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Review: 'South Africa: The Massacre that Changed a Nation'

In an hour long documentary, Peter Hain, Labour MP for Neath and a prominent anti-apartheid activist in his youth, returned to his native South Africa to try to discover why the ANC government is losing the support of the black working class and how it is now perceived after presiding over last year's Marikana massacre where 34 Lonmin mineworkers were killed by the police.

27th April 2013

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Jobs Growth Wales - Is this the Answer to Youth Unemployment?

This April the Welsh Assembly are rolling out a new 75 million-pound scheme aimed at young unemployed people, called "Jobs Growth Wales". Jobs Growth Wales is a step forward from workfare in that the jobs are minimum wage, but it's likely the scheme will be used in similar ways.

12th April 2012

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Leanne Wood Elected Leader of Plaid Cymru

The election of Leanne Wood as leader marks a significant change in the development of Plaid Cymru and Welsh politics. Coming from the south Wales valleys and from the left of the party, she has broken the mould of Plaid leaders originating in its more conservative heartlands in the north west.

19th March 2012

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The National Question in Wales

The following letter is a written in response to a question in 2007 from someone interested in finding out the position of the Socialist Party on the national question in Wales. We reprint it here as a useful outline of the position of Socialist Party Wales on the issues of devolution and independence.

21st January 2012

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