Report: Swansea CWU Picket Line

5th October 2007

Alec Thraves spoke to John Edwards, CWU branch official, South West Wales branch on the Swansea picket line.

"We've had almost 100% support all round with the odd 1 or 2 gone in who are more or less the managers puppets but we are solid in order to protect our conditions, protect our pensions and also to protect our wages.

It's not just about pay, its about flexibility and particularly our pensions where when I retire they want me to work till 65 and I will lose three thousand pounds a year and by the time I retire it will be a lot more money than that.

There's tremendous anger and frustration amongst the members, its as if Royal Mail want to shut the business down altogether and the intimidation and harassment is unbelievable. This is a dispute we cannot lose!"
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