Report: Che Guevara Public Meeting

8th November 2007

Around 25 people turned out in Swansea to listen to Hannah Sell, Deputy General Secretary of the Socialist Party, explain the life and ideas of Che Guevara and their relevance today.

A mixture of Party members, supporters and a layer of new people enthusiastically welcomed Hannah's contribution which was followed by a lively discussion and questions ranging from 'what is the difference between socialism & capitalism' to 'Did Che hold racist ideas'?

The majority of the audience agreed that Che's contribution to advancing socialist ideas was overwhelmingly positive but that we also had a responsibility to highlight some of the shortcomings of this heroic revolutionary. It was stressed that with the class struggle developing apace in Latin America, the central role of the working class and the need for independent, democratic working class organisations would be essential in the struggle for socialism.

With the universities and colleges throughout Swansea decorated with our colourful Che posters over the past week even those who could not attend the meeting were made aware that the Socialist party/Socialist Students were commemorating the 40th anniversary of his death in the best possible way - by campaigning for a socialist world!

Alec Thraves.
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