Report: DWP Strike in Swansea

7th December 2007

Roger Langley, branch organiser, Swansea Pension Centre, spoke to Alec Thraves on a lively but very wet and windy picket line.

"The mood is actually better than we had ever thought. We've had previous strikes in the dwp but the imposition of this pay deal has incensed the workers. When people have seen how little they are getting from 5 months back pay it has just fuelled their anger and made them come out and fight. There are more out than before and of the hundreds of union members only 8 have crossed the picket line".

"We mean business this time and we will be stepping up the action and withdrawing good will. PCS is recruiting more members because of the dispute and the branch is really looking healthy. We are encouraging new faces to get involved and recently had vacancies for 3 people on our BEC and received 10 nominations which is extremely encouraging".
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