London Climate Change Demo

8th December 2007

I travelled up in a coach from Swansea to take part in the Saturday 8th December London Climate Change demonstration (Part of the 2007 Global Day of Action). Comrades joked at the irony of protesting against Global Warming on such a cold day, but the rain did ease off as the demonstration started.

Our ISR contingent was clear in showing that you have to be Red to be Green, with chants such as "they say climate change, we say system change!" and "they say privatise, we say nationalise!"

The demonstration wasn't as fierce as some of the anti-war protests had been, but it was still a positive atmosphere. It was the first demonstration that some people I spoke to had been on; one commented on how great it was to feel such "solidarity" with so many people there "all believing the same thing" as him. Hopefully the experience will encourage many of those who hadn't been on a demo before to come to more future protests and get involved fighting for a better future.

We held a street meeting of our own while the rally took place, again discussing how important it was to have a clear socialist program if climate change really was to be prevented.
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