Swansea BNP Protest

3rd March 2008

Swansea Socialist Party members were part of a 40 strong UAF anti fascist protest on Saturday evening outside a city pub which was hosting a BNP meeting addressed by their leader Nick Griffin.

The BNP have chosen Swansea as one of their 'target seats' in the upcoming council elections but the lively protest show they will be opposed at every opportunity.

A couple of suited up Griffin minders and a handful of BNP members, mixed in with a bemused local football team doesn't really equate to mass support for the BNP in Swansea! On his last visit, 4 years ago, Griffin arrogantly marched into his meeting under police protection. This time there was no sign of the BNP's fuehrer anywhere!

Swansea Socialist Party branch secretary Rob Williams, one of the main organisers of the protest was quoted in the local paper - "The BNP is an opportunistic party which believes it can come in with a few simple slogans about immigration and tap into a wider political disillusionment. We must unite in opposing the BNP. In the short term we must continue to oppose the party but in the longer term we need a legitimate political alternative".

Alec Thraves
Secretary, Socialist party Wales.
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