Youth Against Racism in Swansea

6th August 2008

Young Socialist Party members and supporters of the Youth Against Racism campaign from across South Wales gathered in Swansea last Saturday to mobilise opposition to the BNP, expose their lies and campaign for a real solution to the difficulties faced by ordinary people in Brown's Britain.

Most of Swansea is insulted by the BNP's belief that their bigoted brand of far-right politics would be welcome in the city. Some young people were so disgusted when we explained what the BNP's real attitude to black people, gays and women was that they spontaneously offered to help us campaign, giving out leaflets and directing their friends and passers-by to our stall.

Even in the shadow of an unexpected breakdancing exhibition, we made a visible and impressive impact, with two stalls set up, as well as lots of placards and a display set up high above us on a lampost.

We discussed what the real causes of low pay, the lack of decent housing, unemployment, homelessness and attacks on the NHS were, and pointed the finger firmly at the (mostly white) millionaires in Britain, whose profiteering is sucking money out of our pay packets and public services. With capitalism's latest crisis now biting even bigger holes in people's pockets, we argued, it's even more important that we organise a united campaign for Jobs, Homes and Services which mobilised all sections of the working class - black and white.

Youth Against Racism and the Socialist Party are planning to intervene in Swansea again this Summer, and this time we're bringing the megaphone!
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