Swansea Train Cleaners Strike Again

29th September 2008

Swansea train cleaners employed by ISS and contracted to clean First Great Western (FGW) trains have staged a second 24 hour strike over poor pay and conditions.

Alec Thraves spoke to RMT pickets at Swansea's High Street station:

"We were initially offered zero % by ISS who are blaming FGW for not paying them enough. There is now a small offer on the table but given the current cost of living it is still a huge pay cut in real terms. Our members are stuck in the middle of these two huge 'cash rich' companies and are being treated abysmally. Most of our members are on minimum wage with no shift pay, no sick pay, no enhancement for overtime and some cannot even get uniforms and safety footwear. ISS staff at Swansea are getting at least 40% less wages than FGW pay their own staff for doing the same work".
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