Report: Capitalism in Crisis Public Meeting

7th October 2008

Swansea Socialist Party hosted an excellent public meeting last week (1st October). The theme was "Capitalist Crisis: Was Marx Right?", which really chimed with the mood and outlook of the most thinking workers and students in Swansea. This was reflected by the following stats: 25 in attendance, 6 signed up to join the Socialist Party and £220 was raised for the fighting fund.

Dave Reid, Cardiff SP full-timer, introduced the discussion with a searing analysis of the failures of capitalism, including a witty and sharp condemnation of the state handouts to the bankers and "spivs", which Dave termed "socialism for the rich". In contrast, Dave went on to explain how our party stands for "socialism for the poor", that is genuine, democratic socialism and how we link the immediate campaigning issues (such as defending the NHS, calling for a windfall on the gas and energy companies etc) with the wider need to fundamentally change society.

Kate Williamson, a school student from the Youth Against Racism campaign, explained why it is vital we campaign against the BNP and the far-right and how she is keen to learn more about socialist ideas as a positive alternative to this threat. This was followed by thoughtful and generally optimistic contributions from the floor which included a discussion around the role of the trade unions, how to campaign effectively against the far-right, the lessons of the anti-war movement and why we need a new mass party for working class people.

Swansea SP branch are proud with our best public meeting in some time and we are just as enthusiastic about making the most of these new opportunities for the party as we are in our determination to fight capitalism!
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