Rob Williams' Sacking Confirmed

6th May 2009

Rob was sacked by the Linamar management last week, and then temporarily re-instated following militant action by the Linamar workforce. Disgracefully, Rob today had his sacking confirmed. Negotiations between Linamar and Tony Woodley took place all day in London, but Linamar did not shift.

Meanwhile at the Swansea plant there was massive intimidation of the workforce - including foremen going around the shop floor threatening workers with the sack if they dared walk out in support of Rob. The bosses even went to the ludicrous lengths of removing the door from Rob's trade union office.This action by Linamar is an attempt to return to the nineteenth century. What Linamar do not realise, however, is that all hell is going to break loose when workers, both in the Swansea and the wider labour movement, hear how Rob and his members have been treated.

The official reason for his sacking was "irretrievable breakdown of trust" - one of the most blatant excuses to behead a trade union organisation ever used in any factory. Rob's record in standing up for his members, both inside and outside the factory, is second to none. However, what is at stake here is not the fate of one individual but the right for workers to be represented by the best militant fighters.

This sacking has to be totally opposed. The union has promised rapid action to organise a ballot for an official strike, but New Labopur's anti-trade union laws mean that there could be up to a month between the ballot and the strike action. That time, which must be kept a short as possible, needs to be used to pull out all the stops in support of Rob. Messages of support and donations should flood in.

For further updates, see Socialist Party Wales or watch this site.
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