Report: Swansea Royal Mail Strike

29th October 2009

Swansea's mail service and delivery workers took joint action again on Thursday with a solid response similar to last week. Managers attempting provide a service were mocked by the pickets who know they can't even scratch the surface of work that is done on a normal day.

While strikers were disappointed that Royal Mail were not prepared to reach an agreement there was also a determination to 'stick with the union' to protect our jobs and conditions. Bullying, intimidation and harassment are now the norm for Royal Mail management. One striker was told that before postal workers are considered for promotion to a managerial postion they have to accept that they will 'not have any friends left amongst their previous workmates'!

Public support was shown in an unusual way after last weeks strike. Because delivery workers came out on the same day as the mail centre, when they returned to work the following day they were continuously asked on their rounds why were they working when the rest of the country were out on strike. It took even longer to finish their walk because they had to explain they were not scabbing but had come out a day earlier.

Rob Williams, Linamar UNITE convener, presented the pickets with a £500 promised donation for the CWU strike fund from his shop stewards committee, which will hopefully be the first of many from the trade union movement if this dispute continues.

The strikers were grateful for the solidarity and support of Socialist Party members and Socialist Students who visited the picket line throughout the morning.

Alec Thraves
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