March 8th PCS Strike (Swansea)

8th March 2010

Alec Thraves and Khalid Qassem spoke to strikers on several picket lines in Swansea: -

A large picket line at the Swansea Pensions Centre were pleased with the low number of scabs going into work. The vast majority were out on strike as Roger Langley, PCS branch organiser explained - 'the underlying message is that the government want to cut our jobs on the cheap! We can't afford to lose any more jobs in Swansea and we all have to learn to stick together whether its private or public sector'.

Two sites were being picketed at the massive DVLA and Lin Black at the Swansea Vale site said that the buses which were normally packed with workers were arriving almost empty.

At the main site entrance in Clase, Gary Baker, PCS branch committee member said: -'All the major parties are planning massive cuts in the public sector so its no coincidence they are doing this now. We have a new union leadership at DVLA and the union has become more active and militant with a better profile amongst the members. We are defending members a lot more than the previous right wing regime and its disappointing to see two of the former officers breaking the strike by coming into work today'.

Even where there were no picket lines, offices were shut or just a skeleton staff of scabs and managers trying to hopelessly to cope.

Strikers in Swansea were due to attend a mid day rally in the city centre in preparation for more action if the government doesn't back off.
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