March 24th PCS Strike (Swansea)

24th March 2010

Alec Thraves and Khalid Qassem spoke to PCS pickets:

It was a wet and windy morning on the picket lines in Swansea today with drenched pickets and soggy leaflets.

Nevertheless, there were large pickets on the biggest civil service workplaces, particularly the Pension Centre and the Land Registry.

The main focus today will be a protest outside the Welsh Assembly to highlight on budget day the impact of government cuts to the general public as well as the proposed job losses.

Roger Langley, PCS branch organiser at the Pension Centre, told us he was to be interviewed by ITV at lunchtime on the picket line. I will be telling them he said: 'that on budget day, our message to government is that our members are not prepared to pay the price for the bankers crisis'! A response supported by everyone taking action.
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