Report: Swansea May Day TUC Anti-Cut Demo

1st May 2010

Up to 200 trade unionists, young people and community campaigners marched in Swansea today against the Lib Dem councils cuts. I spoke at the march pledging support for public sector workers from those in the private sector. It was also an opportunity to send a message to all the main parties that we'll fight their attempts to make us pay for the bankers' crisis. It was apt that this was on the day that thousands of Greek workers were marching against the massive cuts there.

Attending were Unison, GMB, Unite, PCS, NUJ, UCU, CWU, NUT amongst others

At the end of the demo in Castle Square there was a motley crew of about a dozen far-right English / Welsh Defence League members. Despite the far-rights' attempts to appeal to workers recently, their attempts today to disrupt a workers' anti-cuts march shows their true colours. This shows why we have to fight all attempts to divide workers in the face of the massive cuts to come.

Rob Williams

For photos see Rob's election blog
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