Swansea Anti-EDL Protest

5th June 2010

The English / Welsh Defence League (EDL) were again met with a challenge by anti-fascists in Swansea today. Despite them saying that they weren't going to march, they yet again tried to spread their racist lies. But yet again they were unable to protest in Castle Square as 200 protesters occupied the space against 40 EDL.

The counter-protest started at 11am and later merged with a protest against the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla, which was apt as Swansea showed sympathy for those who are oppressed rather than allow the EDL to scapegoat Muslims. The police tried to get us to stop our protest and clear the square but once the anti-EDL campaigners couldn't get a guarantee off the police that the EDL wouldn't be allowed into the square, we refused to leave. As a result, instead, as in the Autumn, they were kept in the street above the square by the police and then marched away when they had let off some racist steam.

As Rob Williams for the SP and Swansea Trade Union Council said to one heckler who then gave a Hitler salute, "When we face the billions of pounds of cuts, when they close the local hospital or school, what will you be able to say you did? Organise a demo against Muslims?! All you do is make it harder for all working-class people to fight the cuts because you divide us."

Swansea SP were debating whether to go ahead with the protest because the main event was in Cardiff but the right decision was made and it was justified. This was the 3rd time, the EDL have now come to Swansea - in the Autumn and last month when some of them tried to disrupt the Trade Union Council's anti-cuts demo. This shown their true mission. In line with classic fascism, to recruit people with their racist poison and then turn them against workers' organisations.

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