Gorseinon College Students Protest

30th November 2010

Today - for the second time in a week the town of Gorseinon - a few miles west of Swansea - was brought to a standstill by hundreds of protesting students.

Last Wednesday, November 24th, about 300 students from the newly renamed Gower (Further Education) College joined the national day of action against tuition fee rises and the cutting of the EMA grant. They were about the only Swansea students to take part then but this time invited students from other local colleges to join with them - notably a delegation from Swansea University.

At least 600-700 swept through the streets and got a fantastic response when they reached the high street. Shouting "No Ifs No Buts - no education cuts" and "They say cut back - we say fightback" they gave everyone in this working-class town a huge lift.

Coming on the same day that unions in Labour-controlled Neath/Port Talbot council have recommended that their members give concessions, including a 2% pay cut after the council shamefully gave 90 day notices - these students showed that the ConDem cuts can be fought thorough militant action.

Already the Welsh Assembly Government has been forced to backtrack on cutting EMA and bringing in big rises on tuition fees. Of course, this will be at the expense of other services. Socialist Party Wales calls on all cuts to be resisted.

Also, while we welcome this victory, students will be wary that the Welsh Assembly Government are backtracking before next year's Welsh Assembly elections only to come back later with deep cuts. Additionally, the Welsh Assembly concession on tuition fees won't affect students from outside of Wales coming here to study; they will still have to pay the full rise.

Nevertheless, Welsh students won't be stopping the action because of these victories. When Parliament debates the Education Bill, there should be a 'Day X' walkout and demo in all towns and cities through Britain.

Swansea SP, Socialist Students & Youth Fight for Education are raising the idea that students in every school, college & university should meet at noon in Castle Square in Swansea City Centre on Day X for a mass demo that will lift the sights of workers & students in South West Wales."

Rob Williams
Swansea Socialist Party

Thursday December 2nd - Swansea SP branch meeting:
"After the student action - how can we defeat the education cuts, tuition fees rises & the EMA cuts?"
7.30pm in Dyfatty Community Centre
Top of High St, Swansea
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