Demonstrate Against Cuts at Tory and Lib-Dem Conferences in Cardiff

11th February 2011

New forms of protest!

I keep breaking off from writing this article to watch scenes of hundreds of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators waving their shoes at images of Mubarak.

It seems that they're not the only ones to have come up with ways of protesting that I haven't come across before. The Wales TUC is circulating a letter to all its affiliates, which champions "... an effective and novel way of getting our message into the Welsh media and enthusing our activists for the ongoing campaign..."

The occasion for this event, billed as 'Protest in the Park' is that both the Tories and the Liberal Democrats are coming to Cardiff to hold conferences in the city on the weekend of 4-6 March. Unbelievably, this novel Wales TUC protest is a 'ticket only' event on a patch of park opposite the LibDem conference venue!

Trade unionists across Wales are fuming at the devastation these cuts will cause and this occasion should be used make it absolutely clear to this shameful coalition of, and on behalf of, the super rich and corporate tax-dodgers, just how hated they are and the strength of the resistance building to their cuts. Instead of a mass demonstration the Wales TUC have planned "speakers, comedians, music and fun".

I wouldn't imagine that local authority workers in Rhondda Cynon Taff, who face the sack if they don't sign up to decimated terms and conditions by the end of next week, feel much like having fun on a day that the Con-Dem scum roll into town. The same goes for all those public sector workers in Wales facing up to attacks on terms and conditions and threats to their jobs.

The General Council of the Wales TUC said it was not possible to organise a protest march in the time available, despite the fact that at a Special Wales TUC conference in November they agreed to cancel this years' Annual Conference of the Wales TUC so that their time and resources could be spent organising on the ground against the cuts!

Fortunately 'Cardiff Trades Council', supported by 'Cardiff Against the Cuts' which was set up by the Trades Council and various campaigns, organisations and unions, will make sure that the ConDems are made fully aware of the determination of working class people to fight to defend our public services and to resist every cut with a march on Saturday, 5th March that will go past the Liberal Democrat conference in the Angel Hotel and then up Cathedral Road to the entrance to the Tory conference in the SWALEC stadium and the Wales TUC rally in Sophia Gardens.

Demonstrate Against the Cuts at the Tory and Lib-Dem Conferences in Cardiff
Assemble: 10:30am, outside City Hall in Cathays Park.

Ronnie Job,
Secretary, Swansea Trades Council.
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