Report from Swansea Prison

1st April 2011

There was an angry mood amongst prison officers and other staff this morning at Swansea prison after yesterday's privatisation announcement by Ken Clarke and the realisation that the ConDems will be looking for other potential targets.

POA members said they were 'ready for strike action', 'if they get away with this then we will be next' and 'this is not on'!

One prison worker thought the three of us had travelled down from Birmingham to picket them out and was a little disappointed that we were just selling the Socialist and handing out WSSN leaflets.

However, not everyone gave us a warm welcome. The Deputy prison governor took a leaflet and said it wasn't helpful for us to be distributing our material outside the prison entrance as privatisation was a 'sensitive issue'. You bet your life it is and that's why POA members will be preparing action to stop the ConDems privatisation in its tracks.

Ronnie Job & Kevin Morse.


See BBC: Ken Clarke privatises Birmingham Prison amid union fury, key quote "In 2006 basic pay was 39% less in private sector", while "cost per prison place higher in most categories in private prisons".
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