South West Wales BNP Candidate Arrested

11th April 2011

The arrest of Sion Owens of the BNP, on their party list for this region (South Wales West), for burning the Qur’an, is evidence that, despite their claims to be a legitimate party, the BNP is still the hate filled, racist organisation it always was. Owens was arrested following an investigation by the Observer, which led to film footage of the event being passed to police.

The BNP blame minorities for the destruction of our public services, dividing us on lines of race, religion or colour. But the divisions caused by the hatred and intolerance preached by the BNP, is a dead end for working class people who want to fight cuts and defend their communities. Where BNP candidates have been elected to council positions they’ve done nothing to defend jobs or services.

The BNP and other racist organisations set worker against worker, benefiting nobody but those who gain from keeping us weak. For evidence of this see the way a drunken group of fascist thugs, shouting racist slogans, tried to disrupt last year’s Trades Council May Day March; a march with the theme of defending public sector jobs and services.

In the face of such an onslaught on our living standards, services and communities, a united response from ordinary people is required. To build a movement capable of defeating the cuts and defending our services will require the greatest possible unity of workers and the communities they serve and there can be no room for destructive divisions.

In the “Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition” we aim to help to build such a movement. If we can secure representation in the Assembly, we will use that platform to argue against all cuts. But regardless of which party is in the leadership of the Assembly after the elections on May 5th, we will continue to build in our unions and in our communities a campaign to oppose every cut; a campaign that workers of all races and religions can unite in.

Ronnie Job. Candidate, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

email: ron.job [at]
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