Swansea Branch Hold a Public Ballot

23th May 2011

On Saturday 23rd of May the Socialist Party in Swansea held a public ballot asking the general public in the city centre who should be responsible for paying for the financial crisis. The socialist party invited people to mark and post a ballot paper indicating there choice, should it be the banks and big business or should it be public sector workers such as teachers, nurses, civil servants etc who pay.

The Socialist Party in Swansea have a stall every Saturday in the city centre but the use of this stunt helped to engage with the public in a vibrant way as regards the cuts currently having a massive impact on normal peoples’ lives.

The Con Dems are hell bent on destroying public services. They want to dismantle the welfare state and privatise what ever is left. Labour and Plaid Cymru are not much better; the terrible actions of the labour run Neath Port Talbot Council shows evidence of this, cutting council workers pay and conditions without blinking an eye.

The principle position that the general public should not have to pay for this financial crisis was not lost on the Swansea public with over 350 people casting a vote. Unsurprisingly they voted unanimously in favour of the banks and big business paying for their own crisis.

The stall and public ballot was very successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all. After casting their vote the public were asked to sign a petition and give a donation to the socialist party fighting fund. A team of leafleters also distributed TUSC election material.

Claire Job
Swansea Socialist Party
Branch Secretary
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