Swansea Trades Council: Supporting Disabled Remploy Trade Unionists

20th September 2011

Swansea Trades Council will be supporting Remploy workers in establishing a Remploy Support Group at a public meeting next Wednesday evening:

"Defend Swansea Remploy"
Public Meeting
Railmens Club,
Wind Street Swansea,
Wednesday 21st September, 7:30pm.

Delegates of Swansea Trades Council joined around 30 disabled trade unionists from Remploy on Saturday, leafleting and petitioning to keep the Swansea Remploy factory and the 53 others around the country, open. In a successful day of action, over a thousand leaflets were distributed and a similar number of petition signatures collected.

The government-commissioned “Sayce Report” recommends privatising or even shutting down all 54 Remploy factories in the UK, including the one in Swansea. Remploy shut 29 sites in 2008 making 2,000 disabled workers redundant. The vast majority of these are still unemployed and living off benefits.

“This is one more example of the government cuts agenda being targeted at the most vulnerable in society. But if the government thought that Remploy workers would be a soft target they are very much mistaken; these workers will fight with every means at their disposal to maintain their factory and their jobs. They deserve the support and solidarity of every trade unionist in Swansea.”

-- Ronnie Job (Secretary, Swansea Trades Council)

“Since May 28th 1948 Remploy has provided the disabled community in Swansea with an opportunity to learn skills, have employment and to be economically active in society. Since 1948 many hundreds of disabled people in Swansea have had positive life changing experiences because of their employment in Remploy. Those opportunities are about to disappear if the Government have their way.

“Come and support disabled workers who must not be allowed to pay the price for the banker’s greed with their jobs. We will be forming a Steering Committee to defend Remploy factory and jobs.”

-- Les Woodward (Remploy Trade Union National Convenor)

For further information:

Remploy Workers Support Group:
Les Woodward / les.woodward@ntlworld.com / 07977 436 251

Swansea Trades Council:
Ronnie Job / ron.job@sky.com / 07963 454 041
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