Tories attack Jarrow "March for Jobs" as youth unemployment set to fly over 1 million

10th October 2011



With youth unemployment set to fly over the 1 million mark when official figures are announced this week, the worst unemployment since the early 90s, the Tories have decided to attack young unemployed people marching to London and following in the tradition of the 1936 Jarrow March.

Robert Goodwill the Tory MP who has been quoted in the press saying the marchers were not fit to follow in the footsteps of the 1936 marchers is the same MP who’s constituency has the highest unemployment in the North East and who has claimed £145,387 in the expenses scandal.

In contrast Stephen Hepburn, the MP for Jarrow has declared support of the new Jarrow March against youth unemployment and the cuts.

Stephen Hepburn MP for Jarrow said:

“I am delighted these young people are highlighting the pressing issue of unemployment in the UK. The government need to respond positively and not be arrogant and shut the door in their face”

Stephen Hepburn MP has also accepted an invitation to speak on the last day of the Jarrow March on the 5th November which is being organised as a national demonstration.

Matt Dobson – Unemployed from Dundee said:

“As a long term unemployed layabout I will be joining the Jarrow March to London organised by Youth Fight for Jobs.

"On 17 October I’ll be abandoning my feckless lifestyle to join the march in Leicester after a seven hour train journey from Scotland. I’ll just have to tape Jeremy Kyle for a couple of weeks!

"I am sure myself and Robert Goodwill will have a lot in common. I can explain what is like to live in one room when you are too young to receive the full amount of housing benefit for a flat. He can describe his 250 acre country estate which I’ve no doubt is very stressful to manage.

"I am pleased to hear that Stephen Hepburn is supporting the march and its aims and I hope that he will take up the issues of youth unemployment and the wider cuts facing ordinary people.

"The Tories trying to discredit the march in the week youth unemployment goes over one million shows where their priorities lie, not with the unemployed young people who are peacefully marching to London to highlight the lack of jobs and future for young people but with protecting the false idea that there are is nothing wrong, that jobs are there and that young people are too lazy and apathetic to go and find them.”

The Jarrow March will end in London with a mass demonstration on 5 November, assembling at Temple Embankment at 12 noon.

Youth Fight for Jobs was launched in January 2009 to combat the effects of the recession on young people. We have the support of Unite, RMT, PCS, CWU, UCU, Bectu, TSSA, FBU and many local trade union and student union groups.

To contact youth fight for jobs to arrange interviews or for further information, please contact:

0208558 7947

07751 355616

PO BOX  858, London, E11 1YG

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