Youth Fight for Jobs: Wales Day of Action

17th October 2011

Youth Fight for Jobs reports:

The same week that youth unemployment hit 991,000, the highest since records began, Youth Fight for Jobs held an all-Wales day of action in Swansea on Saturday the 15th.

Over 15 young members, supported by two Remploy workers, leafleted and petitioned in the town centre, collecting about 150 signatures including Friday's stall.

The mood was very sympathetic, with one student talking about how she is only paid £3.60 an hour for being under 18, which shows why YFFJ's demand for a living minimum wage with no youth exemptions is so important.

Another student was completely enthused by the YFFJ leaflet, saying "I completely agree with that. These bankers getting bonuses, while they say EMA is unaffordable".
One person agreed to come to a Socialist Party meeting, we have a couple of potential new YFFJ members, and several more were interested in joining the Jarrow March for a day. We also had an interview with the South Wales Evening Post, who printed an excellent report with photos in today's paper.

Photo of the Youth Fight for Jobs all-Wales day of Action in Swansea on Oct 15th 2011
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