Swansea Trades Council to host N30 Public Rally

18th November 2011

Public sector workers have delivered their verdict on the Con-Dem government’s plans to attack our pensions – get your thieving hands off!

By overwhelming majorities (over 75% in most cases), members of well over 20 unions have voted to take national industrial action on the 30th November.

Up to 3 million workers will be on strike in potentially the biggest single strike day in the history of the UK trade union movement. Now we need to work together to make sure the action we have voted for is a success.

Swansea Trades Council hosts:

Public rally to build for N30:
All strike together to Protect Pensions!
Wednesday, 23rd November,
7:30pm @ Railmens Club, Wind Street

Speakers in the rally will be from unions taking part in the action. Come and be a part in building for this historic action.

All in it together?

The attacks on public sector pensions are part of the attempt by this government of millionaires and for millionaires, to make working class people pay for the current financial crisis.

While workers pay the price in unemployment, reduced wages, worse terms and conditions, the rich are doing very well out of this crisis. The number of millionaires in Britain has increased since the financial collapse. To add insult to injury, the financial speculators whose actions triggered the crisis in the first place, have seen their bonuses reach and surpass the levels they were before the crisis started.

The only people who are all in it together are the working class. We are all facing the same attacks on our living standards and we need to all be in it together in fighting back. Public sector workers – teachers, nurses, council workers, benefits advisers, social workers – we didn’t cause this crisis and we won’t be made to pay for it by the destruction of our pensions!

November 30th March and Rally

Alongside the unions taking part, the Trades Council wants to ensure that this action has the maximum impact. That’s why we’re assisting in building for a march and rally through Swansea to make sure everybody knows why we’re taking this action.

Assemble at 12 o'clock at the Guildhall to march to Castle Square. A rally will take place in the Castle Square from 1pm to 2pm, with trade union speakers from all the sectors taking action.

Swansea Trades Council is a delegate body of representatives from local trade union branches. To find out more about the work of the trades council and how to get involved:

phone: 07963 454041
e-mail: swansea.tradescouncil@gmail.com

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