Students: Support the Strike!

26th November 2011

Youth Fight for Education

First the Con-Dem government brutally attacked education by cutting EMA and raising tuition fees to record levels, and now they are coming for public sector pensions.

We want students to join the picket line and show solidarity to the strikers not just for their pensions but for your education. The vicious attacks on lecturers and education means that there will be fewer courses available to students and lecturers will be forced to work into old age.

If you join the picket line you will be joining a battle against the savage cuts to education, youth services, health services and nearly everything that ordinary people rely on. So say no to bloodthirsty cuts carried out by a government of millionaires and say "yes" to the fight back!

30th November

Public Sector National Strike
Swansea Trade Union March and Rally

Assemble 12:00, The Guildhall, Swansea
Marching to Castle Square

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