Llanelli Public Meeting: Save Our Hospitals!

20th January 2012

Defend Our NHS!
Stop the closure of Prince Philip's A&E!

Socialist Party members and anti-cuts campaigners will not stand idly by and see lives put at risk by the threatened closure of Prince Philip Hospital’s accident and emergency unit.

Senior consultants are voicing concerns about the impact that these proposed health cuts will have, warning that the closure of Prince Philip’s A&E will see Llanelli residents with nowhere to go to get emergency treatment.

Llanelli people know that the proposed changes are senseless, will not work and will not be accepted without a fight.

All the proposals will do is put more strain on other hospitals and see a worse service for people in Llanelli, Carmarthen and Swansea.

Socialist Party Wales demands:

2012 must be the year we make a stand to stop the continual cutbacks in the NHS. We need a united campaign involving health trade unions, patients, anti-cuts groups and health professionals.

The battle to defend the NHS is also part of the wider fight to oppose all cuts, defend pensions, oppose job losses in the public and private sectors and we pledge to build a united opposition to rotten health boards, councils and governments that tell working people there is no alternative but to accept “cuts”.

We call on Plaid and Labour representatives in Carmarthenshire and at the Assembly and Westminster to join Llanelli Against the Cuts in a campaign against all cuts and to pledge to refuse to implement any cuts. Also we believe they should support the call for the Welsh Government and local councils to refuse to carry out the cuts and instead introduce a “needs budget”, which will protect jobs and services in the interests of service users and staff.

It’s our NHS and we are not going to let it be sacrificed for the interests of the bankers. Use the £120 billion that the rich owe in unpaid taxes to provide quality health, education and public services for all.

"Save our Hospitals"
Tuesday 31 January, 7pm
Stamps, John Street, Llanelli SA15 1AW

Further information contact our Llanelli branch secretary:
Rob: robert.owen18@googlemail.com or 07541 145108

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/201273409969562/
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