Support the Sparks in Cardiff

21st February 2012

Update: NG Baileys have pulled out of the agreement, and the protest in Cardiff has been cancelled!

Construction electricians in Unite the Union have been fighting seven companies who are trying to break trade-union agreements and impose new contracts that would open the door to dangerous de-skilling of the workplace, undermine health and safety, cut pay by up to 35% and throw a roadblock in front of young trainees looking to qualify as electricians.

Under the enormous pressure generated by the rank and file workers, Balfour Beatty, the biggest contractor has admitted defeat and pulled out of the assault. Of the rest, "No Good" NG Baileys, who currently have the contract with Morrisons supermarket, are believed to be the ringleader.

Join electricians protesting at Morrisons in Cardiff Bay at 9am this Saturday (25th February) and send a message to the billionaires behind these companies that we won't sacrifice safety, opportunities for young people or the living standards of ordinary workers so they can bump up their profits.

Ross, Cardiff Against The Cuts

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