Council Elections: Stand a "No Cuts" Platform

23rd February 2012

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Are you so annoyed at cuts in health, education, council services, welfare, benefits, etc. that you've considered standing in the council elections?

If you have, and you agree with the platform below, then please get in touch to discuss this further:
Council elections take place across Wales on May 3 and present an opportunity for anti-cuts campaigners to say "this economic crisis is not of our making and we will not be made to pay for it", by opposing all cuts.

This Conservative/Liberal Democrat government is destroying many of the services that so many of us rely on - Council Services/The NHS/Welfare benefits. Unfortunately, the cuts are being passed on by Councils of all shades of political opinion and by a Labour Welsh Government in Cardiff.

It is important to challenge the consensus of all the mainstream parties that cuts are necessary. If we don't do this then the only debate in this election will be in what way will living standards in working class communities destroyed.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is not prepared to see this happen. We are a grouping of socialists, trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners who have agreed on a common no-cuts platform.

There will be TUSC candidates standing in the council elections in Wales. If, like us, you are not prepared to see working class people pay for this crisis; if you agree with the platform below, perhaps you should consider standing in the council elections, under the TUSC banner.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition platform for the 2012 local elections in England and Wales:
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