Against All Cuts: Vote TUSC in Swansea Council Elections

1st March 2012

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition / TUSC Against Cuts

Swansea Socialist Party and Socialist Party Wales will be contesting the local council elections in May this year as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

TUSC will be the only option on the ballot paper standing against all cuts.

Every year, billions of pounds in tax is avoided or evaded by the super rich. Banks bailed out with public money are dishing out billions in bonuses. We believe that ordinary people shouldn't have to pay for a crisis that they didn't cause.

The TUSC Platform for the 2012 local elections in England and Wales:

For more information, see the TUSC website or the TUSC Independent Socialist Network website.

The council elections taking place across Wales on May 3rd present an opportunity for anti-cuts campaigners to say "this economic crisis is not of our making and we will not be made to pay for it", by opposing all cuts.

Are you an anti-cuts campaigner interested in standing under the TUSC banner? Get in touch.
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