Swansea Protests Against Workfare

3rd March 2012

Youth Fight for Jobs

Today more than 15 activists in Swansea took part in a protest against McDonald's involvement in the government workfare scheme.

Boycott Workfare, Occupy Swansea and Swansea Youth Fight for Jobs leafleted and ran petitions as part of the national day of action called by Boycott Workfare.

Under the scheme, the unemployed, ill and disabled are forced to work for free or face losing their benefits. After a partial retreat, the government has dropped the compulsory aspect but for only one of the five schemes. Schemes like Mandatory Work Activity are still compulsory (the clue is in the name).

Youth Fight for Jobs demands:

Youth Fight for Jobs has called a protest outside parliament as well as actions across the country on budget day, this 21st March.

We are also inviting organisations like Right to Work, Boycott Workfare and the trade unions to join us in organising a national demonstration. For more information, see youthfightforjobs.com

Youth Fight for Jobs Wales
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