UCU Cymru Congress "Eager to Fight"

8th March 2012

The Welsh section of the University and College Union, UCU Cymru, held its annual congress in Cardiff on 3 March. Delegates were eager to fight, not just on pensions, but on a wide range of other issues.

The elections for Wales officers returned an increased number of left activists including one Socialist Party member to Wales Council. Delegates then passed unanimously a call to build the fightback on pensions.

Members also rallied around a socialist-led move to halt a Labour-backed attempt to water down UCU Cymru's strong position on young workers. UCU is affiliated to Youth Fight for Jobs and demands job creation and a minimum wage of £8/hour.

During the congress the re-election of Sally Hunt as union general secretary was announced. Hunt has promised to slash the UCU national executive by half and circumvent it through more online, one-way "consultations", so the fight is on to defend union democracy.

Edmund Schluessel
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