Save Remploy, Defend Pensions and Fight Cuts on Budget Day

17th March 2012

Swansea Trades Council Public Meeting: Defend Pensions! Save Remploy!

Wednesday, 21st March, 7:30pm @ Railman’s Club, Wind St

Wednesday is budget day – the second of this Con-Dem alliance of the rich and for the rich. Consider for a minute how things have changed in Swansea since their election: closure of Swansea Coastguard, Daniel James Community School and Earlsmoor respite centre both closed. Now we have the disgusting announcement of the imminent closure of the Swansea Remploy factory in Fforestfach. All these cuts are mirrored around the country and only a faction of the cuts announced have so far been carried out.

The plan to close Swansea Remploy - one of 36 Remploy factories across the UK facing closure this year - is particularly heartless, aimed as it is at one of the most vulnerable sections of the workforce. If these factories shut most of the 1,700 disabled workers whose jobs are on the line will never find another job.

id42-upld20120317-x600-506.jpg“With jobs in jeopardy, benefits being cut, and no possibility of employment, Remploy workers have no alternative but to fight as hard as they can to protect their jobs and their factories and it is a fight that we will be taking straight to the Government. Remploy factories are not for sale or closure.”

Les Woodward, Remploy Trade Union Convenor

There is another thing that has changed since last year’s budget – trade unionists have found a new confidence by taking action against the cuts. In particular the huge anti-cuts demonstration in march, where 750,000 trade unionists took to the streets and the massive strike of over 2 million public sector workers, in defence of their pensions, last November. Swansea saw one of the biggest rallies that many of us can remember as around 30 trade unions took united action. This is the music of the future. Regardless of whether there is strike action in Swansea on the 28th March, the pensions issue remains an ongoing dispute and the confidence trade unionists have drawn from this action will be carried over into action on opposing all cuts. We won’t be made to pay for a crisis not of our making.

All trade unionists and anti cuts campaigners are invited to join with us on Wednesday to discuss the pensions dispute, to hear how we can support Remploy workers and to build the fight back.

Wednesday, 21st March, 7:30pm @ Railman’s Club, Wind St

For further information on Remploy and messages of solidarity:

Swansea Remploy Support Group / Swansea Remploy GMB / Remploy Trade Union Consortium – contact: Les Woodward:

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