Trade Unionists and Anti-Cuts Campaigners Pledge Remploy Support

23rd March 2012

70 trade unionists and ant-cuts campaigners in Swansea marked budget day, not by drowning our sorrows but by re-dedicating ourselves to the struggle at Swansea Trades Council's public meeting. In particular unions and campaign organisations, pledged total support to Remploy workers in their fight to save their factories and jobs. Ramon Corria came to bring solidarity and pledges of support from Cardiff Trades Council in his role as Secretary.

Les Woodward, Remploy Trade Union Convenor, demolished Tory arguments about segregation and integrated employment - "We are integrated - we go to the same shops, pubs and restaurants. We enjoy the rugby and football. Working in the protected environment that Remploy provides allows us to do that. Throwing disabled workers onto benefits will be what segregates us." Les exposed the inaccurate numbers used to 'prove' Remploy's un-profitability and the way Remploy has been deliberately starved of work.

Speakers from the PCS and NUT unions said that strike action planned for the 28th had been suspended not cancelled and that united strike action in defence of public sector pensions is still very much on the agenda.

Tories take note: on Remploy, pensions, regional pay, the NHS (calls for the TUC to call a national demo were applauded) and on cuts, trade unionists are gearing up for a fight. As for privatising and charging for roads, the Tories need to read their history books because the last time anybody tried that it lead to the Rebecca Riots!

Swansea Trades Council

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