Youth in Revolt, Public Meeting in Cardiff

28th March 2012


Socialist Students / Socialist Party Wales public meeting in Cardiff

All over the world, society is rising up against injustice, unfairness and corruption. And everywhere the youth are in the front line of the battle to change society.

But how can we defeat the oppressive capitalist system? What form must our uprising take to force the billionaires to pay for their crisis? How can the masses in the middle east take society out of the hands of the hated dictators and run it themselves?

What must we do to create a real future for young people in Britain, not more tuition fee increases and humiliating slave‐labour workfare schemes?

Come to the meeting and discuss how socialists organise the resistance and fight for a revolutionary change in society.

Speakers include Paul Callanan, national convenor of the Youth Fight for Jobs Campaign.

We'll also have contributions on the Occupy movement, on Marxist education, fighting EMA cuts in Wales, reports on the movement in the universities and campaigning amongst young workers.

2pm, Saturday 31st March
Riverside Community Centre, Brunel St (off Ninian Park Road)
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