Why I'm Standing: Ronnie Job, TUSC Candidate for Sketty Ward

10th April 2012

TUSC Against Cuts The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing four anti-cuts candidates in the Swansea council elections on May 3rd.

Ronnie Job is one of the two TUSC candidates standing in Sketty Ward.

Ronnie is a trade unionist, a UNISON shop steward and secretary of Swansea Trades Council. He is a socialist and a member of the Swansea Socialist Party.

Ronnie said, "I'm standing in these elections because I want to see an electoral challenge to the myth that all the other parties seem to accept - that cuts are necessary and inevitable. As a trade unionist, I have found myself fighting many of the same battles under the current Tory/Lib-Dem coalition and the previous Labour one."

As well as opposing all council cuts, Ronnie is committed to reversing privatisation of council services, reversing all cuts to EMA and halting the closure of Remploy.

You can read his full statement at the the TUSC Swansea blog: Who I am and why I'm standing - Ronnie Job

For a full list of candidates, see our previous article: Anti-Cuts Candidates Contest Swansea Council Elections

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