Solidarity with Remploy Workers Protesting in London

20th April 2012

Rempoly workers are protesting in London today about the planned closure of their factories, including the plant in Swansea.

Les Woodward, our TUSC candidate for Gowerton ward is attending the protest and echoed the sentiments of the Remploy worker from Oldham on BBC breakfast this morning who said there was little chance of him getting work in 'mainstream employment' under present economic conditions.

Les has pointed out many times that when over 1 million young people can't get work what chance have disabled people got? Exactly!

Remember it was the last Labour government that started closing down Remploy factories and now the ConDems want to finish them off. Not without a fight and TUSC will be fully backing them.

Swansea Remploy workers will be heading the Swansea Trades Council May Day march next Saturday, April 28th, assemble 12.00 at the Guildhall. Come along and show your support!
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