Why I'm Standing: Les Woodward, TUSC Candidate for Gowerton

22nd April 2012

TUSC Against Cuts The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing four anti-cuts candidates in the 2012 Swansea council elections on May 3rd.

Les Woodward is one of the TUSC candidates standing in Gowerton Ward.

Les is the national trade union convener for Remploy and a Socialist Party member. He has lived in Gowerton for 58 years.

Les said, "There is an alternative to the cuts agenda and the austerity programme that is in place and it is quite simple, close every loophole for individuals to avoid paying tax, vigorously chase down anyone who evades paying tax, change the laws so that Companies such as Amazon pay they correct amount of tax in the UK which they avoid at the moment by being registered in Switzerland and tax the rich who can afford it, at a more realistic level."

"If elected I will pledge my heart and soul to fight against all cuts in public spending in Swansea. I will argue for the Council to set a needs budget on behalf of the people of Swansea and argue that any shortfall must be paid for through the coffers of Central Government. The good people of Gowerton and Swansea must not be penalised with loss of jobs and services in order to pay for the miss management of the financial institutes and the greed of the bankers."

As well as opposing all council cuts, Les is committed to reversing privatisation of council services, reversing all cuts to EMA and halting the closure of Remploy.

You can read his full statement at the the TUSC Swansea blog: Why I'm Standing for TUSC - Les Woodward

For a full list of candidates, see our previous article: Anti-Cuts Candidates Contest Swansea Council Elections
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