Swansea Strikes to Defend Pensions

10th May 2012


Some very hardy pickets were out in hailstorms in Swansea today, sending a very clear message that the pensions dispute is very much still on. Socialist Party members visiting picket lines and bringing solidarity from Swansea Trades Council, at Singleton Hospital, the Pensions Centre, Land Registry, DVLA, Gower College Swansea and others found strikers in a determined mood.

There was pride at being part of a movement that has refused to buckle but also anger at the leadership of those unions that have held their members back, particularly Unison. In my workplace Unison members were angry at the expectation from the union's leaders that they cross UCU picket lines; "we should have been out on strike together" was heard more than once from both members who refused to cross picket lines and those who went in through fear.

The breaking of the 30 November coalition has already encouraged the government to press ahead with regional pay; as we warned, weakness invites aggression. Despite all the obstacles put in their way by their own union's leadership, Unison members in Health still voted against the pensions deal.

Socialist Party members are on the way to the strike rally in Swansea to argue for the rebuilding of the coalition of unions that struck on N30 and its extension to include private sector workers in united action that can defeat the attacks on our pensions and this government.

Ronnie Job

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Report on Swansea's strike rally to follow
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