Over 100 Attend Swansea Strike Rally

11th May 2012

Torrential rain fails to dampen spirits of Swansea strikers and supporters

Torrential rain drove the Swansea strike rally indoors but over a hundred people crowded into a nearby church hall to hear speakers from PCS, UNITE, UCU and Swansea Trades Council.


There was a combative mood; speakers from those unions on strike called on others to join them in rebuilding the alliance that shook the Tories on November 30. Members of unions not taking action today told of members who were frustrated and ready to strike and called from the floor for extended joint action in the near future.


Ronnie Job, representing Swansea Trades Council, was applauded when he said he was at the rally because he refused to cross a picket line of his comrades in UCU. He said that workers are ready to fight on pensions, regional pay, in defence of the NHS and to oppose all cuts - we won't pay a penny more for the crisis of the bankers and the markets.


Speaking for the PCS, Dominic McFadden drew attention to the fact that cuts are unnecessary and unjustifiable when the rich and corporations escape paying tax to the tune of £123bn each year. UNITE speaker, John Sloane, talked of NHS cuts in England but was reminded from the floor that Local Health Boards are planning for cuts of 5% a year for the next 3 years. Both speakers called for the leaders of the unions not out today to match the fighting spirit of their members and rejoin the pensions struggle.

Visteon pensioners, who have been fighting Fords for over 3 years for pensions justice, explained how private sector employers have raided pension funds and the inadequacies of the pension protection fund.


Chairing the rally, Dave Warren, Socialist Party and PCS member, in summing up the meeting, stressed unity and solidarity and the need to build from here.

Forward to further and bigger co-ordinated action!
Defend all pensions!
Stop all cuts!

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