Remploy Workers Vote for Strike Action

4th July 2012

id54-upld20120503-x600-remploy-llanelli. UNITE members who work for Remploy have voted by a large majority for strike action to defend their jobs and factories. This follows the announcement yesterday, that GMB members have voted the same way by an even bigger majority.

There is a Remploy factory in Swansea, manufacturing furniture in the enterprise park in Fforestfach, as well as offices in town. Swansea Remploy workers have been campaigning hard to save their factory and the others around the country because many of them feel that if the Tories get away with shutting these plants, they are unlikely to get another job at a time when this government is slashing benefits for disabled people.

It is now time to turn promises of support into action. When any strike action takes place it is important that anti-cuts campaigners and trade unionists visit the picket lines to assure the strikers that they are not alone - this is after all a small workplace - and that their whole community stands with them. In the meantime, it would be a good idea if as many people as possible send messages of support through the local media - newspapers, radio, etc.

Further reading: Remploy workers vote for strike action to stop Tory closure plan via Socialist Party Wales
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