Austerity Games to be Held in Cardiff

18th July 2012

Youth Fight for Jobs

Youth Fight for Jobs Wales (YF4J) have organised an alternative games to the Olympic games being held in Cardiff. On August 4th they will be holding the Austerity Games to highlight the difficulties facing young people in Wales caused by the government and the fat cats who have changed the games into a corporatefest.

Over a million young people in the UK are out of work, rising fees for university, cuts to EMA and benefit payments and slave labour workfare schemes—these are some of the obstacles young people have to hurdle as the government makes us pay for the bankers’ mess.

While big business makes millions in profits out of the Olympics, councils are making sports teams pay to use outdoor playing pitches. So, in protest, Youth Fight for Jobs has organised an Austerity Olympics, with events include “Economic Limbo”, “Race Back to the Workhouse”, “Political Football” and the “Get the Sack Race”.

Youth Fight For Jobs will start the event in Cardiff outside TK Maxx one of the biggest beneficiaries of slave labour workfare and then march through the city centre to the games.

Assemble at 12 midday outside TK Maxx on the Hayes on August 4.

To enter and take part send your name and phone number to or text Jaime on 07506 218523.

See letter to trade unions here.

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