Lobby the TUC for a General Strike

13th August 2012

National Shop Steward's Network

Lobby the TUC, 9th September

All march together on 20 October, then strike together!

Join us in demanding the TUC build for a 24 hour general strike against austerity.

"The TUC has called another demonstration in London on 20 October. The NSSN is committed to making this even bigger than last year but it can't be the end of the campaign but a new beginning. Last year we lobbied the TUC conference to call for the co-ordinated action that was then called on N30. On 9 September, we are again lobbying them before this year's conference in Brighton to call on them to follow up the 20 October demo with a strike across both private and public sectors - a 24 hour general strike as the starting point for the collective action needed to force back this weak government of 34 U-turns and counting and their cuts programme. With 85% of the cuts to come, we can’t afford not to!"

Assemble 9th September 1pm at The Level park - Union Road, Brighton BN2 for march at 1.30pm to Brighton Conference Centre and then rally, including Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, Steve Gillan, POA general secretary and more.

Transport from Wales:

For more information, see the National Shop Stewards' Network website.

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