Welsh Labour's 'Clear Red Water'?

31st October 2012

The Labour Party in Wales often claims to be different; they talk about "clear red water" not just between the Welsh Government and Westminster but also between Welsh Labour and the parliamentary party. Yesterday Welsh Labour MPs got the chance to prove just how different they are with the vote on the second reading of the Public Sector Pensions Bill, which proposes, amongst other things, to make public sector workers, like me, work to 68 and beyond before we get our pensions.

They failed miserably; just 1 Welsh Labour MP voted against Tory attacks on our pensions. All those MPs who visited picket lines and demanded to speak at strike rallies on N30 sat on their hands while the Con-Dems stole £millions from our pensions.

Never mind 'clear red water', just like their colleagues in Westminster, Welsh Labour are swimming in a sea of muddy-coloured brown fluid. Wales needs a new mass workers' party to fight for working class people because we won't get any fight from Labour. Yesterday's vote should be a wake up call to trade unionists in Wales to stop funding Labour and instead support only candidates and parties that pledge to fight all cuts, like TUSC.
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