Swansea Trades Council says 'Fight NHS Cuts!'

10th November 2012

Swansea Trades Council calls for opposition to any cuts in NHS services:

Swansea Trades Council, with the support of the Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign, is calling on trade unionists and any members of the public who are concerned about cuts to health services locally and across Wales, to make those views at ABMU Health Board’s ‘engagement ‘ session in the Grand Theatre on Tuesday.

This is incredibly important. Changes that are made in the next few months will impact on the health of everyone for a long time into the future. Cuts have to be challenged if we are to have any chance of defeating the cuts and having a Health Service that meets the needs of the people of Wales.

Join with Swansea Trades Council and the Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign in a lobby of the ABMU Health Board engagement on Tuesday to send a clear message that we will not accept these cuts to our health services.
  • Tuesday, November 13th
  • The Grand Theatre, Swansea
  • Lobby will start at 6pm

The Welsh Government has major plans to reshape the NHS in Wales. By 2014/15 spending per head of the population on health in Wales will be lower than in any other part of Britain. The Health Boards in Wales are drawing up individual plans and also have got together to produce a 'South Wales Plan’ that will cut the number of hospital beds, reduce the number of A&E units and specialist services in fewer hospitals. This will mean increased travel time and reduced accessibility for those people who depend on these services the most. The ABMU Health Board covering Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Bridgend areas, is in the middle of an 'engagement’ with the public about these proposals.

ABMU and the other 6 Health Boards in Wales, have to find nearly £300 million of ‘savings’ – around 5% of their combined budgets. This is on top of similar savings already identified in the previous year and the £1 billion estimated to have been cut from Health Board budgets since 2005. These cuts have led to shortages of doctors and other staff, jeopardised the quality and safety of healthcare and threaten the sustainability of services we all depend on. But ABMU’s proposal to accept these cuts and further reduce local services is not the answer; it will make matter worse by limiting accessibility to healthcare for the poor, those without transport and even whole communities.

The NHS was meant to be a service designed to meet everyone’s health needs and to which everyone should have the same access. Swansea Trades Council thinks that is a vision worth fighting for; we won’t stand aside and see healthcare destroyed to pay for a collapse caused by the greed of financial speculators and swindlers. That fight begins by challenging cuts in our Health Board but we want to link with like-minded people across Wales to fight for a NHS for the health needs of all the people of Wales.
For information about Swansea Trades Council contact:
Ronnie Job swansea.tradescouncil@gmail.com
07963 454 041
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