Save Steel Jobs Now!

24th November 2012

Tata has given over 500 workers at its Margam plant the most unwanted Xmas message they could ever have received: – you are being sacked with virtually no chance of getting another job!

For every sacked steelworker it’s estimated another seven jobs will go in the supply and service industries! 

Port Talbot, already struggling, will be devastated by these redundancies.

Tata blames the downturn in the world economy for the drop in orders and the subsequent decision to throw 500 workers in Port Talbot on the scrap heap. But it wasn’t these steelworkers or the thousands of public sector workers in Wales who were responsible for the economic crisis – it was the billionaire bankers, speculators and spivs who caused the crisis and ordinary people are now paying the price!

If Tata refuses to withdraw these redundancies the steel trade unions should demand the re-nationalisation of the steel industry in Britain but this time under democratic workers control and management so that the industry is run in the interests of working class people and not just the greedy shareholders.

We can have no confidence in the promises of Tata to retain steelmaking in Port Talbot. If bigger profits can be made elsewhere then they will act as ruthlessly as they have done now and move elsewhere.

There should be an immediate convening of a conference for all shop stewards in Tata to plan a united fight back against these redundancies.

Tens of thousands of jobs across Wales have been lost over the past few years. Private and public sector unions should be demanding that the TUC implement its Congress decision and name the day, as urgently as possible, for a 24 hour general strike against the cuts in jobs and services!

  • Save all the steel jobs now!
  • Re-nationalise the steel industry!
  • Private sector & Public sector workers unite to fight the cuts!
  • TUC must name the day for a 24hr general strike!  

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