Stop Benefit Cuts Now!

18th January 2013

Fight the cuts in Swansea The ConDem government are brutally attacking poor households, the low paid, unemployed and disabled people by making massive cuts to a whole range of benefits.

Its ordinary working class people who are told they must pay for this crisis whilst the bankers, who caused this mess, continue to pick up massive bonuses and their rich big business friends avoid paying taxes.

Public sector wages are being held down, hundreds of thousands of jobs have disappeared and young people are expected to "train" for no pay whatsoever, with little prospect of work afterwards.

On Jaunary 8th Parliament voted to limit increases in benefits to just 1% rather than by the rate of inflation which is more than double that figure.

The government say that they want to crack down on the "shirkers" who commit benefit fraud (0.7% of claimants) but this will affect up to 7 million of the lowest paid working people. Disability benefits have been slashed; child benefit changed and housing benefit is to be cut.

The ConDem government say that hose on benefits are "scroungers"! Tell that to the sacked Remploy workers who have faced a double whammy -- losing their jobs and seeing their disability benefits cut at the same time. Tell the same sacked steel workers in Port Talbot or the Comet or Jessop workers who have lost their jobs that they are "scroungers"!

The real criminals in this rotten capitalist society are the billionaire bankers who ripped us of and then used our taxes to bail them out and the multinational companies like Vodaphone and Starbucks who avoid paying tax.

Come along to our public meeting and join us in the fight for a socialist alternative to the misery of capitalism.

Socialist Party Public Meeting:
"The Socialist Alternative to Benefit Cuts"
Thurs Jan 24th, 7:30pm
Dyfatty Community Centre,
Chapel Street,

For more information email the Swansea Socialist Party at

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