Stop Fascists from Marching in Swansea!

7th March 2013

The National Front have called a “White Pride World Wide” demonstration in Swansea on March 9th, and a strong antifascist presence is planned in response.

Swansea UAF has been informed that the NF nazis have now organised transport from across the UK to attend their 'White Pride' event.

On the basis of this and of the expectation of a massive counter protest the police have insisted on changing the venue for the Nazi static protest As a consequence Swansea UAF have now moved the assembly point of the counter protest.

The counter protest will also assemble slightly later to make sure that people turning up at the other assembly points can can be redirected to the correct place and to make sure we have maximum numbers when the Nazis are brought in to their cordoned off area (expected around 1pm).

New Assembly Point - In front of the National Waterfront Museum ( Winter Wonderland)
New Assembly time 11:30
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