Dont Let the Racist National Front Divide Us!

7th March 2013

The National Front (NF) are holding a rally here in Swansea this Saturday (click here for details). Fascist and racist organisations, like the NF, try to exploit the understandable concerns and frustrations of working class people about jobs, wages, homes and services facing cuts.

But they have no answers and no solutions to these problems either. The NF is a far-right racist party. Their lies about immigrants and other groups divide communities and make it harder to campaign on sorting out the problems we all face.

It is not immigrants, migrant workers, people of other religions that cause these problems; lack of work and housing and destruction of services is a result of the pro-big business policies of governments, Con-Dem and Labour, over decades. These policies have been at the expense of working class people from every background.

The banking collapse, billion £ bailouts and recession were caused by the super-rich fat cats and bankers. Now the Con-Dem government is destroying our living standards in order to restore the profits and bonuses of these same million and billionaires.

It is these greedy individuals and their system that our anger needs to be directed against. But the racists want us to fight each other for the crumbs when the bankers and fat-cats are running off with the entire cake!

Jobs, Homes & Services - Not Racism!

The best way to fight racism and fascism is to get rid of the problems that breed them – unemployment, low pay, housing shortages, public service cuts. We can have no faith in any of the main political parties to do this. Workers, trade unionists, youth, minorities need to join together to fight for ourselves - join with us and fight for your future!

TUSC Swansea
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

We need a new mass workers party that could offer a positive alternative to the cuts offered by the Con-Dems and the despair offered by the racists. To this end, the Socialist Party played a leading role in setting up the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC). This important step towards building a new party is supported by the RMT transport union and by leading members of other fighting unions, such as the PCS civil service union. TUSC campaigns on all the issues that affect working people and working class communities.

TUSC Swansea:
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